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Subject:Is This 'Mutton Fat' Jade?
Posted By: Daniela Mon, Jan 08, 2018 IP:

I would like to know if a bracelet that I purchased is in fact white HETIAN jade, but more specifically, is it 'Mutton Fat' jade (I was told it was)?

I would appreciate it if someone could tell me for sure. Thank you.

Subject:Re: Is This 'Mutton Fat' Jade?
Posted By: Ernest Wilhelm Tue, Jan 09, 2018

From the picture , I would say that is Jadeite. A specific gravity test would tell which one it is.
Otherwise, a sharper picture, and telling us if the color of the item matches the one in the picture.

Subject:Re: Is This 'Mutton Fat' Jade?
Posted By: Stan Wed, Jan 10, 2018

Mutton fat jade is so named for the resemblance of its yellowish white color to that of mutton fat. Your bangle appears to a light green instead.

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