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Subject:Identifying painting and signature
Posted By: Ahmed Sai Fri, Jan 05, 2018 IP:,165.225

I would greatly appreciate any info on the attached artwork. I will be a great bonus if the approximate value is given.
Size: 32" height x 61" width
Best Regards.

Subject:Re: Identifying painting and signature
Posted By: I.Nagy Sat, Jan 06, 2018

Inscription reads,
Cold mountains are turning into green (twilight)
Autumn waters do not stop bubbling
Wind howls on the summits
We can hear the sound of profusely falling
leaves from thousand miles (very far)

Year of Fire, Mid Autumn in Taiwan

(In the sexagenary cycle of Chinese calendar the Heavenly Stems coming up in succession twice in every 10 years (in this case the "Fire" ...1946,47,
56.57,66,67,...) With the combination of Twelve Earthly Branches making the sexagenary cycle.Here the Earthly Branch is not indicated, so we do have
12 possibilities only in a 60 years period of time.)

The signature is too individually calliographed
could be a calligraphic ligature starting with
石.. Shi..
Unfortunately the seals are elaborate and the prints
are blurred - practically illegible.

With regards,
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