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Subject:Signature Identification
Posted By: Allen Tue, Jan 02, 2018 IP: 2601:983:8000:15b:0:

Hello All,
I own a few scrolls and until recently I haven't been able to identify the artist or when the piece may have been made for any of them. Recently I discovered this site and have been fortunate to have members identify the artist and the era in which he worked for one of my pieces, so I am going to try for another one and maybe get lucky again. Any information anyone can provide on the attached artist signature and stamps would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, if there are any web sites that anyone would recommend as good references and such on artists of scrolls that would be most appreciated as well. I am really interested in finding out as much info as possible as I would like to pass these items on to my Son eventually and would like to be able to share the info with him. Many thanks!

Subject:Re: Signature Identification
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Jan 03, 2018

Signature reads,
文邨筆  Bunson -hitsu, Painted by Bunson
Name of painter
1st seal,
文邨之印  Seal of Bunson
2nd seal,
小林氏   Kobayashi-shi Mr. Kobayashi
(Surname of painter)

I could not find artist under this name neither on net nor in my books. My last hope is in the 8 vols.
Japanese Painters Name and Seal Dictionary - next
week I`ll go to the library to cheque it.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Signature Identification
Posted By: Allen Thu, Jan 04, 2018

Hello I.Nagy,
Thank you very much for the information and all of your efforts, it is most appreciated. This scroll we are discussing I have not owned very long, it was given to me by a friend shortly before the recent holidays. I have one final scroll hanging in my den that I will have to take a pic of and post. That scroll I have had for about a year and do not know the age or artist. Your help with my postings has been fantastic, and I look forward to hearing what you may learn or have to offer on the scrolls. Again, my sincerest gratitude!

Subject:Re: Signature Identification
Posted By: I.Nagy Fri, Jan 05, 2018

I have found the artist,

Bunson was the second art-name of
Kobayashi Kako (小林華光) -Kako was his first art-name, his real name was Kobayashi Kiyoharu (小林喜代治)
Kobayashi Kako or Bunson was born in 1888 - Shirakawa (Shiga Prefecture), - was a disciple of Nomura Bunkyo (1854-1911)
His year of death is unknown.
I could not find any more information about him.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Signature Identification
Posted By: Allen Sat, Jan 06, 2018


I want to thank you very much for all of the information and all of your help! I have one more scroll that I would like to post the signature and stamp for over the next couple of days. Hopefully you will have the time to take a look at it and provide feedback. Again, many thanks for all of your help! | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |