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Subject:Are these Japanese, or China for Japan Sencha bowls?
Posted By: Endre Tue, Jan 02, 2018 IP:

I’m having difficulty with these bowls, and hoping someone will be able to help identify. Rim is 75mm, foot is about 33mm, and they are 51mm tall. I am not familiar with the many different styles of Japanese items, but the type of design looks similar to Mashiko ware, but these are not the same type of clay. I was thinking maybe Kyo wares of some kind. I began to compare foot rims as well as the white color and red/orange/blue/green with an older Japanese plate you can see in the photo, along with some various cups- and this very old Chinese export cup is surprisingly similar. These bowls do not look like the ko-sometsuke I was able to view at patergratia, but I wonder if they were made in China for the Japanese market. So my questions are this- do you know of the name of this type of ware, are they Chinese, and were these made closer to 1780-1880- or 1980? I hope very much to hear your feedback, and will be very appreciative, thank you | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |