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  • Scroll This post has image ( China & Japan ) - David - Jan 01, 2018 (05:07 PM)
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Posted By: David Mon, Jan 01, 2018 IP:

I would love some info on the inscription and possible age. The dealer who has been very helpful and has a very good name tells me its late Meiji or Taishō which makes it about 100. It only has to be that. I need it for an Art Nouveau / Asian Art project and I love it very much. I just don't want to make a mistake. Haven't got much money. With much gratitude. Thanks

Subject:Re: Scroll
Posted By: I.Nagy Thu, Jan 04, 2018

My reading of the Kanbun (Sino-Japanese)text of scroll,
紅顔多蕩令明月 In bright moon-light her red face looks
妬雲憂亡識室閨雅 She subjugates her envious gloominess
inside her elegant boudoir
秋風紈扇悲  Autumn wind and sad round silk-fan
丑求暮燥梧椢重落日  In the twilight the (glow of) setting sun reflects on the parasol tree box
石城悟一 題  Inscription by Ishigaki (or Iwaki) Goichi
Seal reads,
悟一之印   Seal of Goichi

Seemingly Ishigaki was the calligrapher, the painter is unknown.
I think this work is older than Taisho, could be
from the end of Edo period.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Scroll
Posted By: David Fri, Jan 05, 2018

Dear I.Nagy
I would like to convey my delight for the information you have supplied regarding my scroll. I am humbly grateful for your expertise and time committed to me and I will always be in your debt. If you need any info regarding European Art Nouveau please just let me know. Thank you. David | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |