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Subject:Question : Jade Snuff Bottle Refinement?
Posted By: Kevin Donnelley Fri, Dec 29, 2017 IP:

I am hoping an expert might shed some light on the reason for the beveled edge of the lip beneath the stopper of this jade snuff bottle. It was sold at auction through Bonham's in their Dr Sylvan and Faith Goulder Collection sale, held this past September, lot # 9062
I have seen this same beveled edge character before, once on an exceptionally well carved "hair" crystal bottle. And, I felt by the character it may have been done as an enhancement for the connoisseur, allowing a smooth lift of the stopper top with a finger tip.
The bottle is found below, the beveled character is seen in clearly in the 1st photo:
Was this done as a refinement, or no?

Thank you

Kind regards

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