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Subject:masanobu scroll help
Posted By: Scott Cripps Sat, Dec 23, 2017 IP: 2601:681:4600:4daa:c

I can read Masanobu in name but that is all. Any help with the rest of the text such as date and first name would be apprieciated.

Subject:Re: masanobu scroll help
Posted By: I.Nagy Mon, Dec 25, 2017

1st picture. (Back side of Scroll)
龍   Dragon (I think the title of painting)
春口家傳承  Handed down from the Haruguchi family
狩野玉山   Kanō Gyokuzan
家寶     Family treasure

2nd picture,
狩野玉山繼信 Kanō Gyokuzan Tsugunobu (Signature)
Seal reads,
狩野継信   kanō Tsugunobu

This is the full name of painter.During the more than 300 years of prominence almost 200 painters belonged to the Kano school of Painters using the
same Kano surname - and not speaking of indirect disciples. From several biographies I found out that
our painter Gyokuzan Tsugunobu came from Saga,
his original name was Sawara Gyokuzan (佐原玉山.
In 1787 became the disciple of Kano Gyokugen (狩野玉元). No more detail available.

(FYI.Masanobu is written 正信)

With regards,

Subject:Re: masanobu scroll help
Posted By: Scott Cripps Tue, Dec 26, 2017

Thank you so much. Your replies are so helpful. I study your reply and the kanji script so I am able to read on my own in the future. Thank you so much again. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |