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Subject:Watercolour - unknown seal
Posted By: J. Boussinesq Sat, Dec 23, 2017 IP:

Hi All,

I have run across a set of watercolours from an artist I can not find anywhere. Certainly my own ignorance, but can any one translate the artist's seal, reproduced above? Thank you in advance.

Subject:Re: Watercolour - unknown seal
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Dec 24, 2017

Reading of seal,
藕舫冩生  Ou Fang - Sketch from Nature
Ou Fang (Lotus Root Boat) Art-name of Artist
This art-name was used by the late Qing period painter Fan Jinyong (范金鏞)?-1914
He painted mostly flowers, birds and ladies.
With regards,
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