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Subject:Emerald Green Aventurine Glass Snuff Bottle
Posted By: Kevin Donnelley Fri, Dec 15, 2017 IP:

An emerald green aventurine glass bottle, mouth blown into a mould, suffused with tiny elongated downward pointing bubbles, wide mouth, concave lip, rounded oval foot rim, Probably made at the imperial glass works, early part of the 18th century

Under magnification, the lip has the unusual character of having been shaped when the glass was hot- Pic 3 bottom right shows an elongated bubble which sits partially above the lip surface. The bubble is transparent, and it was stretched in the direction of the tool while the glass was hot glass. There are some tiny glass fragments sitting on the lip surface which further the point that the work was not done by a lapidary later after the bottle cooled, rather the lip was shaped in the process of working the hot glass. and, I think this is an unique characteristic
I am hoping an expert might be able to share any information regarding the age/lip character of this example
H: 5.3 cm
lip/mouth: 1.4/.95 cm

thank you for looking

Kind regards

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