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Subject:Very Large Imari Charger
Posted By: Mic Fri, Dec 15, 2017 IP:

Hello, I purchased this Imari Charger a few years ago at auction. I actually took it to the antiques roadshow, but the appraiser spoke so quickly and gave me no specific information on it. His appraisal was also very broad. The charger is 21 1/2 inches in diameter. There is some damage, there is a crack that appears to be glued. They did a good job in repairing it, only a bit of glue residue shows. Thank you for any information. I only know its Imari, but no idea how old.

Subject:Re: Very Large Imari Charger
Posted By: Endre Sat, Dec 16, 2017

Hi Mic,
I’m sorry to hear about your experience, maybe the appraiser was just having an off day. Unfortunately sometimes people would rather talk more about and seem to know more about, an old hair comb at an auction house than objects people actually have or find from day to day. I can only suggest an article by Douglas E Ross titled late 19th and early 20th century Japanese domestic wares from British Columbia. It is very informative. Also I suggest checking out Jeff pat. Org and looking at diagnostic artifacts in Maryland, it’s quite fascinating. With a picture, one of the kind and knowledgeable volunteers on here might be able to help further. Best wishes and good luck with your charger

Subject:Re: Very Large Imari Charger
Posted By: Mic Sat, Dec 16, 2017

Thank you. I just realized the photos haven’t uploaded.

Subject:Re: Very Large Imari Charger
Posted By: Sandra Mon, Dec 18, 2017

The charger is Meiji Period C1868-1912, probably Arita Kilns. The 6 character mark is an imitation mark of Chinese Ming. It is pictured the wrong way round.

Subject:Re: Very Large Imari Charger
Posted By: Mic Tue, Dec 19, 2017

Thank you very much! Now I have a better idea of what I have. Do you think the crack would effect the value much?

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