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Subject:Interesting carved Meiping vase - Northern Song / Yuan?
Posted By: TimG Mon, Dec 11, 2017 IP:

I'm stumped on this early Meiping porcelain vase. Help please with age and proper glaze description. Any references of similar examples would be helpful. Thanks!

Was converted into a lamp around early 1900's. 14" tall with two carved panels depicting garden & palace scenes. Glaze is opaque off white. Deep foot ring, heavy potting.

Panel scenes reminds me of the scenes I've seen in Yuan blue & white porcelains, but the paste seems to lack iron as there is not much orange oxidation on unglazed areas of the foot that are prevalent on Yuan pieces.

Northern Song?

Too bad there has been so much loss of glaze, but the carving seems to be quite unique, so I hope the photos are of some educational value.

Would this be called a white glaze, or is there a special designation (ie. tainbai?).

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