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Subject:Antique Asian cage?
Posted By: Rich Simon Thu, Dec 07, 2017 IP:

I bought this at the local auction to use for newly hatched chicks. It is on 4 legs is about 3.5 feet in length, 2 foot wide and 4 foot high. Has matching doors on both sides. I think the roofing (not the structure just the boards) are not original. The rest of it has been built by an experienced woodworker (in my opinion).

I wanted to find out a bit more. I posted on another site but they weren't sure, said maybe used as a shrine or food storage. The floor is clean so I don't think it was for animals. Some of the slats have been gnawed but I think that was from mice trying to get in. Has some serious age to it but I don't know a thing about Asian items.

Any help you can provide will be appreciated. I still am going to use it for newly hatched chicks and will put cardboard and straw down. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |