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Subject:Blue and white baluster jar question about period
Posted By: Endre Mon, Dec 04, 2017 IP: 2600:1700:6a40:2460:

Going through some of my earlier acquisitions, and second guessing myself, I wanted to get opinions on this jar. It came from a yard sale and missing the lid, I think I paid around 10$. It is about 22cm tall as it is. I know it is called cracked ice, and some are from Kangxi reign, early republic, and they are produced even today. Some I have read, were made in Japan. These are so common and numerous, it makes me confused. I marked this one down as Chinese early republic. With some of your in depth experience and keen eyes, I trust your judgment better than my own. Could anyone share their thoughts about this? Is a replacement lid even necessary, and if so, easily attainable?

Subject:Re: Blue and white baluster jar question about period
Posted By: JLim Mon, Dec 04, 2017

Dear Endre

Ten dollars is a real bargain for this - to my inexperienced eyes anyway. I think this is late 19th century. My reasoning is thus:

-the prunus on ice pattern was an innovation of the Kangxi period, representing the birth of Spring with new prunus blossoms falling on melting and cracking ice

-however, the Kangxi era prunus jars tended to show blue line "cracks" within the blue washes. The vague washes of blue in your piece are characteristic of the 19th century revival pieces

-the shade of blue in your piece seems spot on for late 19th century

-the double ring on the foot seems to be correctly painted and not merely printed on, which would make it a modern repro

-the footrim is what I call a "dado rim" because it looks like a dado rail (if you've seen such a thing) which was a form of footrim popular in the late 19th century and has the coarseness I would expect on late 19th century pieces

-the glazed white porcelain has the skips, dots and unevenness of the late 19th century.

I hope others more experienced will comment.

Kind regards

Subject:Re: Blue and white baluster jar question about period
Posted By: Endre Tue, Dec 05, 2017

Thank you J.Lim, I really appreciate your reply. Having been wrong before, I felt like I should get additional input. I thought when we originally picked this up, that it might have some years on it. Thank you for such a thorough explanation of its features, as well as the features of the original cracked ice Kangxi pieces. I think if I see either of them in the future, I will know what to look for. Also, now knowing the significance of what the pattern represents, I like it even that much more. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |