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Subject:Chinese Jadeite Snuff Bottle
Posted By: Kevin Donnelley Mon, Dec 04, 2017 IP:

I am curious to learn from an expert about an apparent round recess which is present on one main side in 2 of my jadeite bottles. Although not in formalized dish form, I am wondering if this may have been an intent of the design feature, allowing for a heap of snuff to be inhaled directly from the jade surface

I can say that both bottles have a very tactile feel w/ the recess on each allowing a snug place to rest the thumb while placing the fore and middle fingers along the back of the neck and shoulder and along the side

This one is lavender with russet color on one of the main sides like a nephrite pebble but this is a natural color of the jade and not a result of a metamorphosis.
Of compressed globular form, with a concave oval foot, concave lip, very well hollowed

Ht: 5.5 cm
Mouth .55cm

Thank you for looking

Kind regards

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