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Subject:Vase marking is unknown. More pictures added
Posted By: Nick Sun, Nov 26, 2017 IP:

Adding more picture of the vase image. The markings are on the bottom corner of the pictures. I would appreciate it if some would could point me in the right direction.

Link :More pictures of the vase

Subject:Re: Vase marking is unknown. More pictures added
Posted By: Bill H Sun, Nov 26, 2017

The seal on your vase with decoration in the Chinese style appears to be 新 (xin), meaning 'New' or 'Fresh', and also constituting an abbreviation for China's Xinjiang Province. I'd speculate that 'Fresh' is intended as a title for the verdant, spring-like scene. The landscape is depicted in Chinese traditional scroll-painting style, though the cobblestone ground enclosing the reserves might be conjectured as a more recent innovation, perhaps 1930s or early post-World War II.

Best regards,

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