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Subject:Utamaro, original?
Posted By: maria Sun, Nov 19, 2017 IP:

Hi, I wonder how to see if this is an original or not? It's Utamaro, but what should I look for to understand the difference? You can see fibers in the paper and there is a glitter in the gray background. Wondering / maria

Subject:Re: Utamaro, original?
Posted By: Guy Mon, Nov 20, 2017

This is a modern reproduction of a print from the series 'Fujin tewaza jûnikô' (Twelve types of women's handicraft) published by Wakasaya Yoichi c. 1798-99. The girl here is a hairdresser.

Please compare with an original in the collection MFA Boston:


Subject:Re: Utamaro, original?
Posted By: Stan Mon, Nov 20, 2017

As I was looking for an original, Guy answered your question. I concur. Yours is a later reproduction.


Subject:Re: Utamaro, original?
Posted By: maria Wed, Nov 29, 2017

Hi, thank You both for Your answers! Even if it is a reproduction, it is very beautiful...and I'didn't pay much for it...but i really love Utamaro! :) Thanks again /Maria | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |