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Subject:Small Carved Inkstone
Posted By: Chris I Wed, Nov 08, 2017 IP:

Ok, so I found this small carved inkstone in a box of (largely) junk at a village auction. I purchased the box for a c1900 Canton Rose vase which was included, the rest was mostly mid century ceramics and largely valueless. At the bottom of the box, unseen until I got it home, was this inkstone.

It's not my area of expertise, but I know that there are huge numbers of fakes and modern examples, so I hope someone with knowledge of them may be kind enough to have a look.

It's small for an inkstone, about 4 1/4 by 3 by 3/4 inches. It's made from quite a hard stone with an olive green tint. The stone has striations and looks natural and not re-constituted to me. The carving at the top is of a bird and is competent, but not exciting nor particularly intricate. The well has an under-cut so it must have been carved and not moulded.

I washed it, as it was pretty cruddy, and got a lot of black water, presumably from encrusted ink. There are a few nibbles around the edges but no major chunks out. There are some nicks in the center of the flat which looks like it was hit with a sharp point. There are no character marks or text of any form.

So can anyone help with dating? My guess would late 19th to early 20th, but am I missing something obvious. Is it a well known reproduction design?

Many thanks for any help

Subject:Re: Small Carved Inkstone
Posted By: rat Thu, Nov 09, 2017

inkstones are hard to date even with pictures, but all but impossible without them....

Subject:Re: Small Carved Inkstone
Posted By: Chris Elwell Thu, Nov 09, 2017

Images - apologies they didn't seem to come through with the original post.

Subject:Re: Small Carved Inkstone
Posted By: Rat Fri, Nov 10, 2017

nice little Duan inkstone, I tend to agree with your dating. It's not duplicating a famous known design

Subject:Re: Small Carved Inkstone
Posted By: Ernest Wilhelm Thu, Nov 09, 2017

Our clairvoyant is on holidays, so, in order to get an answer, be so kind as to post several very sharp pictures.
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