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Subject:help with age of B&W vase
Posted By: small j Mon, Nov 06, 2017 IP:

Good morning.
I have a question to specialists. Does any of you know from what period can this vase come? For every reply I will be very grateful.
small j

Subject:Re: help with age of B&W vase
Posted By: JLim Thu, Nov 09, 2017

Dear J

This is quite an attractive object, and I expect we have been reluctant to respond because it is so unusual. I myself have never seen such an object, but I am somewhat fascinated by the "gold-and-iron" crackles in the body of the vase, which have been halted completely in the applique panels.

The fact that the panels exactly match the design show that the design must have been carefully arranged beforehand.

If forced, I would guess that this object is late 19th century because of:
- the rounded, rough foot and the pops inside the glaze circle in the foot
- the "mucky" shade of blue typical of the late Qing
- the way the flowers, especially, have been delineated
- note the twisted Chinese style perspective of the vase-within-a-vase - I expect more modern vases would have "Westernised" the perspective somewhat.

So I would guess late 19th century - unless someone recognises this form of design as something from a different era? Anyone?

I attach pictures of a 19th century vase I own. Note the shade of blue and appearance of the flowers.

Kind regards

Subject:Re: help with age of B&W vase
Posted By: small j Sat, Nov 11, 2017

Dear J Lim
Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I still can not recognize the techniques used in ceramics.
The flowers are really similar as well as their color.
I found something like ge ware- double glaze cracks.
The most interesting thing is that cobalt is underglaze, but it is not cracked even though the glaze is cracked.
Thanks again for your reply.
small j

Subject:Re: help with age of B&W vase
Posted By: JLim Sun, Nov 12, 2017

Dear Small J

I was surprised, on looking closer at my vase, to find similar gold-and-iron crackles in the surface, and also a brown clay mouthrim similar to yours. The crackles on your vase are far superior, of course.

It is interesting that the crackles in your vase stop at the applied patches, and that the patches are exactly fitted to the decoration. Again, this must have taken a lot of effort and preplanning.

Kind regards
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