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Subject:A flow glaze vase - genuinely 19th century?
Posted By: JLim Tue, Oct 31, 2017 IP:

Dear all

This object recently sold for about 800 dollars on eBay. I was pretty intrigued by it for a couple of reasons.

First, the glaze looks so convincingly like what is illustrated in Bushell's colour plates (published 1897), in particular the way the white lip at the top has turned somewhat olive green, and the appearance of the streaks of colour down the glaze.

Second, the glaze has been roughly chipped away at the foot. Anthony Allen regards this as a sign of objects dated c. 1865-1883. On the other hand, I believe Qianlong era flow glazes of this sort were renowned for having extremely liquid glazes which also went over the foot.

Is this object genuinely antique? If so, what century does this object come from?

Kind regards
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