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Subject:Chinese scrill painting - please help
Posted By: Tamas Zsakai Sun, Oct 29, 2017 IP:

Dear Members,

I would need some help regarding a home assignment what we have at Dharma Gate College in Hungary.
We received a few pictures about a reproduction of a scroll painting. Our lesson is to examine the scroll and find its origin, author, and the era when it was made.
I was searching hours and hours about Chinese scroll paintings on the internet but I did not find any clue. Maybe some of you could help me with that?

Subject:Re: Chinese scrill painting - please help
Posted By: I. Nagy Mon, Oct 30, 2017

Dear Tamás,

First, here is the correct reading of the title,
縛解珠圓 Fujie Zhuyua, Binding and untying round pearls
壬寅初夏 Year of Water-Tiger (1662)
蘇庵老人 Suan laoren, Old man of the perilla hut
方拱幹 書 Fang Gonggan shu (Painted by)
(Seal is illegible -out of focus, supposedly
Fan Gonggan)
Fan Gpnggan is one the art-names used by Fang
Gongqian 方拱乾 1591-1666 late Ming early Qing
period official, poet and painter.
His other art-name was Suan laoren 蘇庵老人.
During his life-span there were only two Water-Tiger years (1602 and 1662) - so the only possible year of dating is 1662.
I think the story on the scroll is about Mariti,the onetime devourer and then protector
of children.

With regards,és üdvözlettel,

Subject:Re: Chinese scrill painting - please help
Posted By: Zsákai Tamás Tue, Oct 31, 2017

Thank you for your kind answer!


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