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Subject:Kangxi blue and white salt cellar - slight damage
Posted By: JLim Sun, Oct 29, 2017 IP:

Dear all

At a rural antique shop today I acquired the below pictured object on a hunch. I believe it to be a Kangxi era salt cellar for European export. It has been quite badly chipped under the lip, but is otherwise quite intact.

It compares closely with the three salt cellars listed in Alain Truong's excellent website here:

I believe I have seen similar objects for sale also on the Trocadero website.

I also believe that the shop did not recognise what it had. Alain Truong's salt cellars, all restored, appear to have sold for around 1,200 euro. I bought my damaged salt cellar for $28 Australian.

Would anyone care to comment on whether this is the real deal? If so, might one ask what it might be worth in its present state? (The damage in its entirety is visible in the second photograph).

Kind regards

Subject:Re: Kangxi blue and white salt cellar - slight damage
Posted By: plasticman Fri, Nov 17, 2017

The shape seems quite right. However, every piece of Kangxi porcelain that I have examined that has had the outer "crust" broken into appears to be stone colored or at least dark "dirty" off white/gray.The place of the large chip avulsion seems to be too white to be period. It may just be the light of the photograph reflection, but it does raise questions as to the paste, and therefore the age. See the rim of the tankard under discussion by 31 responses in this forum to compare a definitive Kangxi porcelain object chip and the color of the depth there. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |