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Subject:Woodblock translation
Posted By: utagawa Mon, Oct 23, 2017 IP: 2601:282:d02:41b9:a0

I would be very grateful if someone could translate the story of my woodblock for me! Thanks in advance!

Subject:Re: Woodblock translation
Posted By: I. Nagy Tue, Oct 24, 2017

It is not a story.
It is a humorous language play with words or expressions having two meanings, either according to their kana aided readings or to their real
Title: Right
花見假名讀珎聞 Hanami kana-yomi chinbun
Flower viewing kana-reading news titbits
Top big characters,
馬鹿  Baka
Kana reading,
Real reading,
Horse - Deer
Upper row cartouches,
邪馬国の放劔 Jamakuni no hoken
Kana reading,
Magic sword of the troubled country
Real reding,
Magic sword of Yama(tai)koku (Old name of Japan)
白痴威の鎧 Kokeodoshi no yoroi
Kana reading,
Pretentious armour
Real reading,
Idiotic armour
新政厚徳の慢脱亂 Shinseikotoku no Mandara
Real reading of Kanji text
Arrogant way out from disorder of the new politics with thick virtue
Real reading of kana text
The Mandala (Buddhist microcosmos) of the new politics with thick virtue (Motto of the Meiji Government)
Lower row cartouches,
失児馬の轡 Yajiuma no kutsuwa
Kana reading,
Bit(Bridle) of spectator
Real reading,
Bit of lost foal
無鉄砲 Muteppo
Kana reading,
Real reading,
Without gun
捕虜の数珠  Ikedori no juzu
Kana reading,
Prayer beads of a lake bird
Real reading,
Prayer beads of a captured

With regards,
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