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Subject:Chinese Landscape Watercolor Panel
Posted By: Renee Tue, Oct 17, 2017 IP:

Thank you for your help in identifying the seals I. Nagy. I've attached a couple of photos of the entire watercolor that includes calligraphy along left side of the paining and one additional seal. Kind Regards, Renee

Subject:Re: Chinese Landscape Watercolor Panel
Posted By: I. Nagy Wed, Oct 18, 2017

Thank you for the whole inscription.
It reads as follows,
Forest calmly casts a shadow on the quietly lit
傅益瑤  Fu Yi Yao (Signature of painter)
己巳夏寫 Year of Earth Snake (1989) Summer Paint
Seal reads,
惠琴枕石 Favouring cither and rest the head on stone (live a frugal life)
(This is a seal containing the artist's motto)

Mrs. Fu Yi Yao is a master of contemporary modern Chinese painting, born in 1947 in Nanjing. Studied in Japan, graduated from Musashino Univ. of Fine Arts.
Her father Fu Baoshi (1904-1965) was a renowned
modern art painter in China.

(After this I have to make correction again to
my second posting to your Oct14.orig.inquiry on seals)

With regards,
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