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Subject:More from the ol' auction rooms: Om Plate
Posted By: JLim Sun, Oct 08, 2017 IP:

Hi all

Third, and last for the moment, was the attached plate. I did not succeed in winning this plate, giving up after the bids reached $220 Australian. But I really regretted not getting this piece.

I have seen objects like this one in the past, including one I was handed in London in 2014 by a guy saying it was 18th century, and that holding it was like "holding a prayer in your hand".

The dish depicts the Sanskrit holy syllable "OM" in stylised block lettering, surrounded by masses of Sanskrit lettering in rows. The effect is to send out prayers in all directions.

I have seen an object of this sort from an early 19th century shipwreck, but very crudely painted in comparison. I have seen another dish of this type described as Wanli in era, but that as painted better than this one.

Does anyone have a clue as to date? Something about the crispness of the porcelain makes me suspect it is 18th century. But who can tell.

If it was 18th century, perhaps even Kangxi, perhaps I ought to have kept bidding...

Kind regards
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