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Subject:More from the auction rooms: Giant foo dog bowl
Posted By: JLim Sun, Oct 08, 2017 IP:

Dear all

The great prize from the auction today was this giant (33cm wide) bowl which I suspect to be 19th century. Such a bowl, I would wager, could easily serve pork bone soup to three families at once in the old days.

There is not very much to say about this object other than to say that it is very large in size, and to ask for a more precise dating. I believe it is 19th century, and am positive I have seen this form of foo-dog somewhere, with its anxious expression and shaded blue colour. I believe it could be dateable based on its appearance; but I really can't place it myself.

I would also note the soya-sauce rim and the quite nice appearance of the foot. Am I right in calling this mid-19th century, or could it be 18th century? For example Qianlong?

Kind regards
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