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Subject:Chinese Tea Pot
Posted By: Michelle Sun, Sep 03, 2017 IP: 2600:8805:230d:2200:

Receive this as a gift in 1995. Please help Identify the mark.

Thank you

Subject:Re: Chinese Tea Pot
Posted By: F. Mina Mon, Sep 04, 2017

“De Chang Taoci” (德昌陶瓷)

I think that is a contemporary porcelain made in Shenzen:

Subject:Re: Chinese Tea Pot
Posted By: Bill H Mon, Sep 04, 2017

The mark reads down from the right as "Dechang Ceramics" (德昌陶瓷 - De Chang Tao Ci). According to information derived from web sources, there was a ceramics manufacturer with this name operating in China during the Early Republic Period (1912-49). Porcelain still is said to be produced with this mark nowadays at Jingdezhen, according to discussion by online forum participants at the link herewith. It would be futile trying to tell you if whatever you have is new or old from looking at a picture on the mark alone. After all, could you guess the age of a person from a close-up photo of a tattoo on their bottom? More photos of the complete piece, please.

Best regards,

Bill H.

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