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Subject:unkown Japanese painting
Posted By: Jacob Sat, Sep 02, 2017 IP:


Can someone help me read the signature from this painting ?

Thank you.

Subject:Re: unkown Japanese painting
Posted By: I. Nagy Sun, Sep 03, 2017

The signature and the seal equally reads,
南甫  Chinese, Nan Fu
Japanese, Nanpu (As art name)
Nansuke, Nasuke,Namisuke,
Korean, Nampu
Vietnamese, Namfu
From the Chinese sites I could pick up one contemporary painter with this art name.
His name is Shen Zhengguo (沈正国)from Chang'an,being the member of Chinese Painters and Calligraphers Association. (No more detail except of a photo, on which the artist looks very old)
There was no result on Japanese sites.
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