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Subject:Great Ming Bowl Imperial Yellow
Posted By: shedrick Thu, Aug 31, 2017 IP:

Is this a Great Ming imperial yellow bowl of the Xuande period? Is the image of a boy riding a Pixi/Qilin. Is this real or a fake?


Subject:Re: Great Ming Bowl Imperial Yellow
Posted By: Xbet Mon, Sep 04, 2017

Hello shedrick,

From what I know I would put this as a relatively modern copy, there are some imperfections you can see in the first picture, the dent/hole in the base, the yellow paint is not cut in a neat manner and is spreading onto the base rim, the mark is also not in the centre(I am not trying to be rude just from what I have seen this is only on the later copies and I wanted to explain why).
If the decoration is only visible with light behind it then I believe its called "anhua" or hidden/secrete design.
I am sorry I also cant read the writing on the side, and the mythical beast looks like a Kirin.

Kind regards,


Subject:Re: Great Ming Bowl Imperial Yellow
Posted By: Bill H Tue, Sep 05, 2017

The anhua writing on the side of this faux Xuande modern bowl says "Nei Fu" (內府), "Inner Palace". Were the bowl authentic, the mark would mean it was for use in spaces reserved for private imperial use.

Best regards,

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