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Subject:An apology and an additional picture
Posted By: Karen Harvey Tue, Aug 29, 2017 IP:

I posted a message on Aug. 26 asking about a signature and two seals on a watercolor I purchased. While I did post pictures of the signature and seals, I failed to post a picture of the painting itself. Evidently not posting a picture of the item under discussion is considered a faux pas and for that I apologize. I am posting it now. I am hoping that anyone who skipped over my initial message because of the missing picture will reconsider and share their knowledge with me. I will also try to post the signature and seals again, but I did have significant difficulties in trying to post them before. If they are not here, I plead insufficient skills and humbly ask that you refer back to my message of Aug. 26. Thank you.

Subject:Re: An apology and an additional picture
Posted By: I. Nagy Wed, Aug 30, 2017

Your picture inscriptions reads,
一九七五年四月  1975 April
良佐       Liang Zuo (Signature of Artist
also a courtesy name)

Seal reads,
劉良佐      Liu Liangzuo
Art name seal reads,
黙齋       Mozhai (Tacit study room)
Now, practically we do have everything which supposed to be satisfactory for identification.
Sorry to say I could not find any related
encyclopedic reasult. However, I have not given up yet.
With regards

Subject:Re: An apology and an additional picture
Posted By: Karen Harvey Thu, Aug 31, 2017

Thank you so much I. Nagy, I am very grateful for the information you have provided. I will document what you have told me on the back of the picture for future reference. I am surprised by the date, I thought it was much older. But I love it still and will display it proudly on my wall. One other question I have -- can you tell me the nationality of the artist?
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