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Subject:Gu Qingyao
Posted By: PAUL HELLER Sun, Aug 27, 2017 IP:

I was told this was artist Gu Qingyao ,lady artist who founded Chinese calligraphy and painting society for women in Shanghai,any information on time period etc on piece would be appreciated.piece is small and measures 10 3/4 long by 4 in w.thank you

Subject:Re: Gu Qingyao
Posted By: I. Nagy Mon, Aug 28, 2017

Your picture was painted by the same Gu Qingyu
You can find more biographical data about her
on the Google browser.
The text on your picture reads,
厲志山先生属為寫奉 Painted as a present for Mr.
Li Zhi Shan
吉克遜上校雅賞   Colonel Jackson Award
卅四年聖誕節   (19)34 Year, Christmas
顧青瑶       Gu Qinyao (Signature)
青         Qin
瑶         Yao
Big Seal,
情豪x小      Strong affection ..x..small
(3rd character undeciperable)
A kind of poetry seal of the artis.
With regards,

Subject:Re: Gu Qingyao
Posted By: PAUL Tue, Aug 29, 2017

Thank you so much Nagy for your reply ,so interesting to have everything translated,this site makes collecting so much fun. thank you again Nagy for your efforts.Paul

Subject:Re: Gu Qingyao
Posted By: rat Tue, Aug 29, 2017

Nice find, though the format does seem unusually small. It's possible that the date is actually 1945, i.e., the 34th year of the Republic of China. In either case it is tighter than some other works associated with her that can be seen here, probably because at that time she had not yet matured into her own style: | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |