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Posted By: Corey Sun, Aug 13, 2017 IP:

I wonder if anyone would like to give their opinion on two vases that is possibly connected with the Fonthill Heriloom collection, sold at Susanin's Auctions a while ago.

A very fine cloisonne vase:

And a Qianlong marked blue and white vase:

The quality of the later added brass work of the cloisonne vase resembles those added to the cloisonne works in the Fonthill collection, and the blue and white vase is almost identical to a vase posted by 'connor mcgregor', which had a Fonthill Heriloom sticker to the base.

The vase from Susanin's Auctions just turned up at ebay, but where the brass settings have been removed, so you can see the details, including the base with the mark and the footrim:

It was dated to the 20th century however, but there is at least one example of a similar vase sold in another auction house that was also dated to the twenty century, but sold for the price of an imperial mark and period example:

I found some links with images of the cloisonne works in the Fonthill Collection, but I'm having troubles relocating them, so I'll have to post them later.

Clickable link below is is to the thread with the vase of conor mcgregor.

Link :Qianlong Nine Dragon Vase Belonging To Conor Mcgregor

Subject:Fonthill photo & Lamp vase photo show different dragons
Posted By: beadiste Sun, Aug 13, 2017

The dragons in the Fonthill and ex-lamp example are drawn by different hands, and the latter seems more consistent with late 19th-early 20th century iconography.

That's merely my observation and guess, however. The darker cobalt in the newer vase is probably significant to someone who is an expert in these things.

Subject:Re: Fonthill photo & Lamp vase photo show different dragons
Posted By: Corey Tue, Aug 15, 2017

The dragons of the two vases are slightly different from each other and probably drawn by different hands. I agree with that. But the seal marks are nearly identical, and since it was a different person who did the marks than the decoration, I think this could be a taken as a good indication of a Qianlong period dating. Problem is that we never heard back from conor mcgregor, so we still don't know if the vase and the Fonthill Heriloom provenance was real. I'll have to check at the libary if there is a catalogue with the Fonhill Heriloom Collection. There is a Christie's catalogue from 2004 entitled "Chinese Porcelains and Enamels from the Alfred Morrison Collection, Fonthill House, Sold by Order of the Lord Margadale of Islay, D.L." It definately an oppertunity that the vase appear in that sale.

BTW Peter Combs comments on the latest auction held by Altair, that also had fakes with fonthill stickers in their listings.

But all in all I think that if the vase of conor mcgregor is real then the ebay vase is likely also Qianlong period. Also I haven't found any examples of similar vase dated to the 19-20th century except the one that sold for a fortune. I have just added one more mark and period example from Marchant Auctions to the old thread by conor mcgregor.

Subject:Re: Fonthill photo & Lamp vase photo show different dragons
Posted By: Corey Mon, Dec 11, 2017

And then there was a sale at Bruun Rasmussen recently of a Qianlong marked blue and white vase dated to the 19th century, estimated at DKK30K but sold for DKK1,2M, the price of mark and period imperial ware:

A similar one at Waddington's: | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |