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Subject:Help identifying oriental marking
Posted By: CarolAnne Tue, Aug 08, 2017 IP: 2600:100a:b01e:ec3c:

I have been searching the web to help identify this mark/these plates, but I cannot find anything that appears to be exactly like what I have. I am sure they are nothing special, but I would be interested to know a little about them if someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks!

Subject:Re: Help identifying oriental marking
Posted By: Bill H Fri, Aug 11, 2017

These dishes are identifiable from the first column at the right of the marks as made in Japan. The first two characters in the second column on both pieces are deformed, because the decals used to affix the marks "floated" during kiln-firing.

FYI, even if the mark was clear, showing the bottom of a plate, in anticipation of someone here being able to elaborate accurately on the entire piece, is akin to giving the police artist a photo of an assailant's heel and expecting them to sketch out a wanted poster on that basis. This is to suggest that if you show the entire object, someone in the forum may be able to give you more information regarding its age and iconography, even if the mark remains enigmatic.

Thank you,

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Help identifying oriental marking
Posted By: I. Nagy Wed, Aug 16, 2017

in my reading the bottom mark reads,
大日本    japanese Empire
加藤造    Kato Product
The first deformed character can only be 加 The second clearly reads 藤.
I hope, it was some help to you.
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