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Subject:Help to Identify artist and age
Posted By: Stuart Wed, Aug 02, 2017 IP:

I would appreciate any help or advice as to the age and the artist who may have painted this lovely scroll,and if the subject has any specific meaning.
Many thanks in advance


Subject:Re: Help to Identify artist and age
Posted By: I. Nagy Mon, Aug 07, 2017

The inscription reads
介眉 高孟 Jie Mei Gao Meng
Jie Meng is the courtesy name of a known
painter,calligrapher and seal cutter Dian Jie Mei
(佃介眉)1887-1969 from Guandong Prov. Chaozou City.
The seal also reads 介眉 Jie Mei
The second name could be the name of the person
whom it was given or an another painter s name.
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