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Subject:Porcelain mark
Posted By: Raest Wed, Jul 12, 2017 IP:

I would like to ask, if this mark is from chinese porcelain. Thanks!

Subject:Re: Porcelain mark
Posted By: Bill H Thu, Jul 13, 2017

Until all of the porcelain piece is shown, it is difficult to say whether it is Chinese or not.

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Porcelain mark
Posted By: Raest Thu, Jul 13, 2017

Thanks for the reply!
This piece is from an archeological site (old millstream from 16.-19. century) so it's only fragment. I can show you the other side if it helps.

Subject:Re: Porcelain mark
Posted By: Bill H Fri, Jul 14, 2017

Yes, the freehand mark is that of a lingzhi fungus, symbolic of longevity. The form on Raest's shard is consistent with marks used on blue & white wares made during the Kangxi Reign (1662-1722) and bears a resemblance to photos of shards unearthed at Jingdezhen kiln sites that were active during that period. Source photos are published in:

"Zhongguo lidaitaoci kuanzhi dadian" (中国历代陶瓷款识大典), which title has no authorized PRC translation, as far as I know, but literally is "The Authoritative List of Historical Chinese Porcelain Markings"

Best regards,

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Porcelain mark
Posted By: Raest Fri, Jul 14, 2017

Thanks alot to both of you for replies!
I will try to find that chinese work you mentioned. :) I hope it will help us with thesis about imports from our site!

Subject:Re: Porcelain mark
Posted By: casper Thu, Jul 13, 2017

I might be wrong, but its looks like sloppy version of Lingzhi fungus mark from Qing. Being more specific Kangxi period. (1662-1722), those style of mark among with the others developed during the early Qing dynasty, up until the early 1680, when use of reign marks on porcelain was restricted in various ways.

However, I would guess its rather modern copy.

Also I agree with Bill H, upload photos of full object, if you want opinion.


The photo of plate with the mark I upload, its not mine and comes from: | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |