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Subject:Is this a woodblock by Uemura Shoen?
Posted By: Janice Gentry Wed, Jul 12, 2017 IP:

Hello. I posted a question about this framed artwork that I was given a couple weeks ago, asking for help in identifying or any possible information. My original question was concerning three pieces.
Since that, I have had someone suggest that this particular piece is possibly a woodblock by artist Uemura Shoen. I have looked at all three prints with a loupe, and they are not modern digital prints. No dots. The paper seems to textured with the look of a lot of fibers. Also, in a few places, it looks like some there are some highlights made with a metallic pen or something. One place that shows is the top of her hair. Sorry if my description is poor.
Thanks for reading this! Does any one have any thought or opinion? Does this this have any value that would need insurance?
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