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Subject:Brown Carved Chinese VASE!! OLD?? help needed!
Posted By: casper Tue, Jul 11, 2017 IP:

Hello to everyone again!

This time I have this very interesting brown/black pottery vase, likely Chinese. History of this piece is quite interesting. Last owner claims that it was in his family collection for last 40 years, he remember it being stood at the great-grandmothers cupboard. However for the last years it have been storage in the loft. House clearance after selling property pushed him to sell all the unwanted belongings, and among them this vase.

The vase itself is around 22cm high, and 10cm in diameter in top open.There is no crack or hairlines, but obviously the vase shows signs of wear. The scene on surface its well carved, showing Chinese musicians among with the pine trees. After close examination, I'm inferring that part of the ornaments was made separately and then applied into the vase surface. There is no marks or sign anywhere.

I can enclose only 3 photos, so rest of them is in the link below.

Looking to hear your opinion to estimate age of this piece and find any other possible information about it.

Best regards & thanks in advance!

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