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Subject:Chinese Painting Needs Identification
Posted By: Robert Scott Tue, Jul 11, 2017 IP:


I am hoping someone can identify this painting. I have posted yesterday but the photos did not attach

Subject:Re: Chinese Painting Needs Identification
Posted By: I. Nagy Sun, Aug 20, 2017

Your painting reads,
學家酔狂子畫意 Teacher have gone mad drunken
(while) pupil painted a picture
廂東居士    East-Wing Retired Scholar
(Sobriquet of the painter)
桐       Tong Signature of painter)
Upper seal reads,
家桐私印    Private seal of Jian Tong
Lower seal: Can not decipher at first
From the above signature seal reading and
comes, that the painter of the picture is
馬家桐 Ma Jian Tong (1865-1937) a well known
painter of the time.
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