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Subject:unknown Japanese painting
Posted By: Jacob Tue, Jul 04, 2017 IP:


I got this beautiful Japanese painting. I wonder who is the author. Can someone read the signature ? When was it made ? It looks to me to be from the late Meiji or Taisho period. Any information it will be much appreciated. Thank you !

Subject:Re: unknown Japanese painting
Posted By: I. Nagy Mon, Jul 24, 2017

Reading of the signature and seal No.1
鹿泉  Rokusen 
   鹿泉自題 Rokusen Jidai Written by Rokusen
   高橋之印 Seal of Takahashi
Takahashi Shotei (高橋松亭1871-1945)was a member of the "Shin manga" artist group. According to biographers he has used quite lot
of art names in the 20-es. However, I could not find this art name" Rokusen"from my books.But
I have found an another picture depicting a
similar stall covered with same blue-white checkered canvas from Takahashi,signed Komei
(弘明 another listed art name).
I recommend tp look after Takahashi on the net.
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