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Subject:Identification Please For Blue and White Chinese Kangxi Qing Baluster Vase
Posted By: Ryan Mon, Jul 03, 2017 IP:

I am hoping someone can please help me finish identifying this piece. It was obtained from an auction with a display box, stand, and small letter from the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Republic of China to Dr. Lonnie Hammargren. stating "With the compliments of vice minister of foreign affairs and Mrs. Wen-Hua Tzen Republic of china.

I believe the top right symbol represent "Qing", the bottom right and top left represent "Kangxi", and the final symbol (bottom left) represents "Kiln".

I cannot tell if this is Chinese from either the first part of the 20th (1890-1910) century, or middle (1940-1960) the 20th century? Or Japanese Arita imitating Chinese porcelain of the 19th century? I only believe it might be Japanese because the "Kiln" symbol closely resembles "anagama Kiln" which was ancient type of pottery kiln brought to Japan from China during the 5th century and possibly used by Arita Artisans.

I hope this makes sense, tried to give as much information as possible lol. So i guess what i am asking is if my translation is accurate? Is it Chinese of Japanese? and approximately when was it manufactured?

Thanks again in advance this site and the people have always been so helpful!!!

Subject:Re: Identification Please For Blue and White Chinese Kangxi Qing Baluster Vase
Posted By: Bill H Tue, Jul 04, 2017

According to information gleaned from Google, Tzen Wen-Hua was a Taipei/ROC diplomat active in the late 20th-early 21st century, including as Taiwan's unofficial representative in the UK as of January 2002. In a "Taipei Times" article of the day, which was cited by Wikipedia, "the 66-year-old Tzen Wen-hua (鄭文華), (was) set to retire from diplomacy soon".

Your translation of the apparently stamped mark is correct, but there is no reason to think the vase bearing it is other than contemporary with the time of Tzen's service as a Taiwan diplomat. Before and after Beijing began replacing Taiwan in international organizations, its diplomats virtually never left a newly made foreign acquaintance without presenting some sort of gift or memento of the occasion. According to Google results, Hammargren apparently was a politician and former Lt. Governor of Nevada who fell into a financial bind several years ago and was forced to sell a substantial eclectic collection he'd assembled and had on display in a Las Vegas museum.

The mark on the vase is nothing that actually appeared on porcelain made during the Kangxi period (1662-1722). On the other hand, China did produce and export porcelains tailored for the Japanese Market during the late Ming and early Qing period, so your vase could well be a copy of something in this category that is in the Taipei Palace Museum Collection.

Best regards,

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Identification Please For Blue and White Chinese Kangxi Qing Baluster Vase
Posted By: Ryan Wed, Jul 05, 2017


Thank you so much for the helpful information. You have assisted me on a couple occasions and your knowledge is always greatly appreciated😁.

Thanks again,

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