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Subject:Blue & White 4 Dragons, Charger Plate
Posted By: B. Cha Thu, May 11, 2017 IP:

Never seen this mark before, wondering if it can be traced to a factory or maker?

Subject:Re: Blue & White 4 Dragons, Charger Plate
Posted By: Bill H Sun, May 14, 2017

This mark of an unidentified factory appeared on some Chinese porcelains made during the Kangxi Reign (1662-1722). With respect the hand-written "Imari" label on yours, I flipped through the James Lord Bowes book of Japanese marks and seals and found a few factory marks of the same general type, but none exactly matching this one.

I've seen other unmarked blue & white charger dishes attributed to the Kangxi era with firing characteristics fairly similar to what is seen on the base of yours. The dragon motif also compares well to the Kangxi style of painting. However, there was a resurgence of the Kangxi style of porcelain decoration during the Guangxu period (1875-1908), so authentication of your charger is best done by an expert who can actually conduct a hands-on examination of it.

Best regards,

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