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Subject:Old Porcelain Enamel Wall Pocket Vase
Posted By: Brett Sat, May 06, 2017 IP:

This looks old to me, but not sure how old. I couldn't find the mark on gotheborg. Any ideas on the characters or either of the chops. Thanks for the help.

 photo 20170506_122503_zpshb1guvoi.jpg
 photo 20170506_122458_zpsnu99rgzb.jpg
 photo 20170506_122446_zps65ic4nor.jpg
 photo 20170506_122434_zpsjess6rno.jpg
 photo 20170506_122423_zpsl7zdgvey.jpg
 photo 20170506_122408_zpsrqyci6jw.jpg
 photo 20170506_122351_zpstfhy1dgf.jpg
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