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Subject:Etched and painted Copper pot/brazier/Hibachi?
Posted By: StuffIveFound Mon, Apr 17, 2017 IP: 2600:0387:0008:000e:

I am trying to nail down a worth, age, and what this pot is.

It seems like Copper. Looks hand painted. Maybe etched? The base is more solid than the rest of the pot. Seems like it was formed around a wood or some their type of base.

It has a "MADEINJAPAN" Copper tag spot welded or soldered maybe to the bottom.

Can anyone determine age and maybe worth? Should I clean it up?

Copper(?) pot Hibachi?

Link :Images of the item in question.

Subject:Re: Etched and painted Copper pot/brazier/Hibachi?
Posted By: sue Tue, Apr 18, 2017

This is a bronze hibachi. The wooden base is a standard feature. Without it the tatami flooring would get scorched. Tatami is expensive and needs to be protected.
The design is bright and simple which puts it as a 20thc piece. The 'made in Japan' also indicates that it is late.
The design of trees etc are inlay work and usually done in fine slivers of silver and brass.
You could clean it with a cloth but don't polish or brasso it. You will remove the patination and destroy any value it has....... Although as a late piece it does not have a great value.

Hibachi are a domestic product with no practical (heating ) use in the west so it is a bit strange that it has the "made in Japan" on the base.
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