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Subject:Sitting Boeddha sculpture
Posted By: Andrea Thu, Apr 13, 2017 IP:

Can someone tell me anything about this sculpture?
I got it from an enheritage.

I think it's bronze.

Subject:Re: Sitting Boeddha sculpture
Posted By: Bill H Fri, Apr 14, 2017

You have what appears to be a Sino-Tibetan-style gilt-bronze image of the historical Sakyamuni Buddha (also called Gautama Buddha) with left hand in the 'bhumisparsa mudra' or 'Earth-touching posture' and the right hand in the 'dhyana mudra' of meditation. In my opinion, the image lacks any visible signs of having actually been used in worship on an altar, including any signs of stains from the smoke of incense or rubbed areas from handling during years of dusting, bathing or gilt replenishment. However, if it has been kept indoors or subjected to polishing over the years, it could have lost any patina that might reveal age.

Here's a link to a couple of antique Buddha photos for comparison, one in the same posture as yours that Christies sold in Hong Kong in 2014 for US$1.87 million and another possibly 18th century or earlier image in the meditation mudra with more visible signs of handling. Both images have lost the original pins that kept their bases in place, which fasteners were not visible when the Buddha was installed on its final gilt pedestal.

Best regards,

Bill H

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