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Subject:Possibly imperial seal estimated at $1500 - $2500.
Posted By: Corey Tue, Apr 11, 2017 IP:

Have you seen this one?

The quality of the carving seems far above average, it bears traces of red pigment and the material resembles the material of imperial examples. If someone could translate the script, it may give us a clue?

Listing ends at Apr.15, but has 72 bids already. Can't wait to see what the hammered price will be.

Subject:Re: Possibly imperial seal estimated at $1500 - $2500.
Posted By: Corey Wed, Apr 12, 2017

Also came across this one yesterday evening while researching imperial seals on the internet. Dated to the 20th century with a us$20-40K estimate at iGAVEL AUCTIONS:

But three years later listet at Sotheby's as Qianlong period and with a hk$6-8M estimate:


Subject:Re: Possibly imperial seal estimated at $1500 - $2500.
Posted By: Corey Mon, Apr 17, 2017

Lot sold! It went for almost $12000 including buyers premium. That is a very nice price for a possibly imperial treasure potentially worth millions of dollars. The carving style matches perfectly and I have found all the seal script characters except one to be similar to those of imperial seals. It wouldn't surprise me if this seal turns up on for sale in one of the major auction houses within a few years.

Subject:Re: Possibly imperial seal estimated at $1500 - $2500.
Posted By: Corey Thu, Apr 20, 2017

And another example of a jade seal "loosely" dated to the Qing dynasty", and with a relatively low estimate at $20-50K, but sold for $3,5M at Freeman's in 2011:

A comment on the sale from the auction house itself:

And a link to one of the 'near identical imperial white jade seals', that they refer to in their catalogue description, at Sotheby's in 2010: | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |