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Subject:Jade carving?
Posted By: Ayrton Thu, Mar 30, 2017 IP:

Dear all,

Is this pendant a piece of Jade? I aquired it not for the material but for the carving.

Having looked at some older Jades I thought there might be a small posibility of this being white Jade?

Any thoughts most welcome!



Subject:Re: Jade carving???
Posted By: Ernest Wilhelm Fri, Mar 31, 2017

From the low quality pictures I deduct that this item is made from soft stone. . Serpentine. Do a scratch test: with a strong needle,and with enough pressure, make a 2-3 mm scratch, then tell us the color of this tiny scratch, white or black?

Subject:Re: Jade carving???
Posted By: Ayrton Sat, Apr 01, 2017

Thanks Ernest,

I did the scratch test on the back of the piece, pressed down very hard, there was a definite mark but no black colour; thankfully it polished out easily enough. I have added two more photos; I believe the poor quality is down to the resizing? Or need to upgrade my camera.



Subject:Re: Jade carving???
Posted By: Ernest Wilhelm Mon, Apr 03, 2017

My assumption was correct, it is a Serpentine. Now you have a good carving to study. Yes, a good camera is always helpful.
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