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Subject:Stone Buddha
Posted By: Will Wed, Mar 29, 2017 IP: 2003:0086:6f43:45f0:


can anyone provide me with information about this Stone Buddha?

It measures 75cm high, 18cm wide and 13cm deep (base).

What I know so far is that those kind of figures seem to be reproduced a lot lately.

Judging from the appearance I think my figure should be older but I do not have a clue what age it really might have. As you can see there are some remains of gold and red color on the face and body.

I can post additional pictures later, including the back where you can see some damage on the shoulder.

What is the age and origin of this figure in your opinion?


Subject:Re: Stone Buddha
Posted By: Will Thu, Mar 30, 2017

A few more pictures.

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