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Subject:Name under Imari plate
Posted By: Martin Michels Fri, Mar 24, 2017 IP:


I've posted pictures of a plate I'm interested in, but I'm not sure to buy this. It was said to be 19th century, but I have my doubts.
De signature is saying Dai Nippon xx xx Sei, which could make this late Meiji, but I could not figure out the 2 name characters on the left.

If someone knows which name and characters these represent (Bill H. - Guy - Mikeoz ?), I can search more on the internet, English sites as well as Japanese.
Thanks in advance.

Subject:Re: Name under Imari plate
Posted By: Bill H Sun, Mar 26, 2017

Best I can see is 大日本, ?利製, with the questionable character mostly looking like something from a phonetic chart. The next to last character looks like a good candidate to be what the Monash University online dictionary gives as:

利 【り】 (n) advantage; benefit; profit; interest; (P); ED; Name(s): 【とし】 (f,s) Toshi 【かが】 (s) Kaga 【り】 (s) Ri 【さとし】 (m) Satoshi 【とおる】 (g) Tooru 【みのる】 (g) Minoru 【よし】 (g) Yoshi 【とぎ】 (s) Togi 【としかつ】 (u) Toshikatsu 【としじ】 (u) Toshiji 【としつぐ】 (u) Toshitsugu

If the questionable character strikes me as anything kanji-like, it is 乞, which comes out of the online dictionary as:

乞 【ただし】 (given name) Tadashi and literal meaning of begging for alms

Google turned up several potters named Tadashi but most were modern and none of them made any dishes like yours.

Good luck,

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Name under Imari plate
Posted By: mikeoz Sun, Mar 26, 2017

Dai Nippon 大日本

Made by Mo Li (?) 毛利製

Subject:Re: Name under Imari plate
Posted By: Bill H Sun, Mar 26, 2017

Mike Oz, you're a blessing to all!

The Monash U. Japanese machine gives:

毛利 【もうり】 (place,surname) Mouri 【もおり】 (s) Moori 【もり】 (s) Mori SrcHNA

As shown in the picture below, the 19th century James Lord Bowes public domain book has a teapot mark for a potter named Mori Uji, member of the Mori family said to be the "most noted makers of Ise ware."

For Mike Oz: I think you'll know best if this mark of Mori Uji is at all relevant to the one on Martin's dish. I note that Uji also can use the similar character 氏, and that the right-hand character looks like 木, which can be pronounced "Mo" in Japanese. So I suppose it depends on whether the Japanese would be read from right to left or left to right, with the left hand character being apparently the larger one.

Best regards,

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Name under Imari plate
Posted By: Martin Michels Sun, Mar 26, 2017

Bill, Mike,

Thanks a lot for your help, your suggestions give me something to search for on the internet this week. In case I find something more, I'll add another message to this post.
Your help is much appreciated, thanks again,
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