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Tibetan Jewelry by
Description: Tibetan Jewelry and Culture.
Category: Tibet > Asian Arts only > Shop
[Posted Mar 4, 2006 - Hits:156]

Tibetan Market
Description: Dharma items, thangkas, gifts, books, jewelry, all made by the Tibetan people.
Category: Tibet > Asian Arts only > Shop
[Posted Oct 2, 2006 - Hits:164]

Tibetan Monastic Art from the Sange Monasteries
Description: Tibetan Art from the Sange Monasteries of the Amdo region of eastern Tibet. Thangkas, altars, offering cabinets all painted according to Scriptural Cannon. The art work dates from the 13th century to to present.
Category: Tibet > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Apr 30, 2009 - Hits:73]

Tibetan Relics on
Description: The Tibetan Relics gallery is pleased to present to you our unprecedented collection of fine antique Tibetan and Himalayan art. More than just art, these historical treasures are not just reflective of the peoples of Tibet and the Himalayas. Rather, we think of these precious artifacts as important representations of the whole of human civilization and it is up to us, as fellow collectors and institutions, to preserve and share these remarkable articles with the rest of the world.
Category: Tibet > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Oct 24, 2005 - Updated Nov 20, 2009 - Hits:301]

Tibetan Silver, Chinese Jewelry Pendant,Amulet,Necklace,Ring,Bracelet,Earring,Yak Bone,Handicraft
Description: We are China based supplier and exporter of Tibetan Jewelry supported directly by Tibetan artisans.
Tibetan,charm,jewelry,yak bone,six-words mantra,silver,pendant,amulet,bracelet,necklace,ring,earring,Snuff Bottle,key ring,handicraft,The Mantra Om Mani Padme Hum,charmspeed,charmtibet,wholesale,handmade,buddhism,tibetan culture, Chinese Jewelry,Collections

All artworks are 100% handmade by handicraftsmen in Tibet.

Welcome to CharmSpeed! All you want is here !
Category: Tibet > Asian Arts only > Shop
[Posted Nov 5, 2005 - Hits:225]

Tibetan Thangka Paintings
Description: A Tibetan Thangka painting is a painted or embroidered banner which was hung in a monastery or a family altar and carried by lamas in ceremonial processions. Be it a Mandala painting or a thangka depicting Tibetan deities such as Goddess Tara, Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezig), Manjushri, Padmasambhava, a buddhist thangka will always remain an important facet of Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan Art.
Category: Tibet > Asian Arts only > Content Web Site
[Posted Jan 4, 2001 - Hits:888]

Tingri Antiques - Tibetan and Mongolian Antiques
Description: Tingri Antiques offers a very large selection of antique Tibetan and Mongolian thangkas, as well as tsakli cards, adornment, ritual items, statues, and various other antique buddhist artworks. Also a selection of Chinese Buddhist art.
Category: Tibet > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Aug 27, 2000 - Hits:1178]

Torana Galleries Beijing and Shanghai: antique and modern Tibetan carpets, Tibetan furniture
Description: Torana Galleries in Beijing and Shanghai sell modern and antique Tibetan carpets and antique Tibetan furniture
Category: Tibet > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Jun 14, 2006 - Updated Jun 14, 2006 - Hits:108]

Tosoart Tibetan Art
Description: Tibetan and Nepali bronzes, thangkas, stone sculptures.
Category: Tibet > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Sep 6, 2000 - Hits:1000]

Tsakli: Tibetan Ritual Paintings
Description: Images from Tsakli: Tibetan Ritual Paintings, an exhibition at the Menil Collection. This link leads to images of five Bonpo tsakli. Asian Arts has an article by Juan Li on the same subject, Tsakli, Tibetan Miniature Ritual Paintings
Category: Tibet > Asian Arts only > Art Gallery or Dealer
[Posted Jun 2, 1999 - Hits:852]

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