62. Jamyangkyil 


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West-East section


Rehabilitation works in this severely dilapidated 18th century housing complex continued. Some of the more than 300 residents helped by digging trenches for water and sewage installations. This is an ongoing work of massive scale, which will take about two years for completion.

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Ground floor


From The 1999 Annual Report:

Residents enjoying 
their new tapstand


New drainage system and paving of the courtyards, $3,856.

GTZ also funded neighbourhood improvement costs in the core of the old city, such as Jamyang in the Shasarzur Conservation Area. In 1998, Zara Thiessen made a thorough survey and report for THF about the Jamyang complex, which is home to more 300 people. Built in the 18th century, the remaining eight courtyards that make up the complex have become very dilapidated, with some parts on the verge of collapse. Following the report's recommendations, THF has begun with structural improvement and new drainage systems for $3,339. The Jamyang work is seen by THF as a long-term rehabilitation project for this important component of the old city.