66. Chongye Bumthang 

This 19th century noble residence, now inhabited by 8 families, was completely restored by THF in cooperation with the Lhasa City Cultural Relics Bureau and the Lhasa Ancient Arts Construction Company. Work carried out includes building of a second toilet system, fundamental structural repairs, partial reconstruction of the roof, and refurbishing of apartments and galleries. Funding was provided by Trace Foundation New York.

From the 1999 Annual Report:

1999 saw the completion of Bumthang House. Bumthang (or Chongye Bumthang) is a hundred-year-old former aristocratic mansion, serving as the state-owned home to eight tenant parties. Despite having previously been in a state of severe dilapidation, many important architectural details were still preserved. Bumthang was saved from demolition in 1998. A rehabilitation plan was developed by THF and Lhasa City Cultural Relics, and work was undertaken by the Lhasa Ancient Arts Construction Company. Extensive structural works had to be carried out. In addition, piped water was brought in, a second toilet system was installed, and both systems have been connected to sewers. Historic paintings on walls and wooden elements were preserved in a special workshop given by Portuguese artist and THF co-director, Pimpim de Azevedo. US$25,998 in funding was provided by Trace Foundation.

Chongye Bumthang House: March 1998 Chongye Bumthang House: May
1999 after rehabilitation by THF